How It All Began

We loved burning candles. However, we were very frustrated with some of the candles we had purchased.They often had little or no aroma, and they burn down the middle of the jar, leaving lots of wax stuck to the side of the jar.

Three years ago, our dreams, was to create perfect candles, at first seem impossible... we didn't know anything about candle making! We started doing some research and decided to try at making our own candles. We discovered that most candles are made from paraffin wax, and paraffin wax is obtained from petroleum. On the other hand, many candles are made ​​from soy wax, and soy candles are the healthy, natural alternative to paraffin candles, so we decided to use soy wax in our soy candles. In the photo below, our very first candles are lighting. Yes, they are made from used Pepsi cans!

We have developed our unique Pouring Process completely different than any other candle on the market, our soy candles have an excellent hot and cold scent throw, and they are all natural soy candles.

Today, thousands of Chi Candle candles have been sold nationwide, Canada, Australia...For us, the real story and our dream has just begun....